Tuesday, May 7, 2013

OBAMAMNIA and the capitulation of the Black Left: Or devil worship

To My Comrades,
Please don't be surprise by the so-called Black left silence around the contradictions of Obama and the Obama administration. It has to be noted that our Comrades has been seduce by their own rhetoric of militant popularism as actual work of building a movement. While, what history has shown that the actual practice of these forces has only been trying to be in a positions of being or becoming brokers of discontent to gain concessions of some level of reform. Nonetheless, some were successful other were not.
While a number of comrades don't examine the contemporary reality of present America, with the further consolidation of the American corporate state through the Obama government will not make any concessions to maintain "social peace," but are gaining in position to bring further repression to protect capital accumulation but cutting the social net of entitlements and further privatize the states funds of entitlements.
However, what my problem is or rather contradiction is... is that a number of forces still work and move as if they were still in the late 60s and early 70s of mass mobilization without a program, based on the subjective (at times...) sentiment of mass anger of the latest injustice.
It is from this political work habit that our practice has collapsed into militant sloganeering and tailism and the Black left intellectual leadership has not address that political contradiction. For it was under this venue that "our" movement never look at or examine the actual sources of African American demobilization since the late 70s and early 80s.
What has not been examine is the contradiction of the growth of Black public elected officials and the further decline in the material conditions of a very large sections of Black urban America under elected Black leadership. What has been avoided for a number of years that the the success of the Black elected officials was based on Black demobilization. For it was never examine that the role of the Black elected official was never empowerment of the community by providing state resources to the Black community and working class, but a vehicle race relations management of containment.
This question's implication has indeed, has shown the extents to which the Black left forces have gone to deny its existence as a problem. While what was to happen by it own social logic by refining the peoples routine of life and living--the actual everyday tasks of living everyday life as a venue of autonomy and personal dignity.
This would lead or collapses into the social logic of culture nationalism of redefinition as such and thus, this notion would defined as politically significant “resistance,” thus obscuring all differentiations between active, public opposition and celebrating the actual acquiescence. The effect was to deflect wrestling with the difficult actuality of demobilization by simply renaming it as a form of subjective dignity as resistance of autonomy.
Thus, this would give rise to a cultural nationalism of "Feel Good" slogans as liberation and because these forces could not build anything from this move and view, they were forced to maintain a posture and presence by tailing mass sentiment as "practical."
For a number of forces never had an actual meaning of resistance outside of protest, they lacked a real meaning of resistance that wouldconstitutes explicit demands on de facto power dealingsof local governments that areenforcedand through states intentions and understood by thosethat those intentions are aimed at.
While there were a number of exceptions to this, but they existent only in the South in North Carolina but this never had the mechanism to further consolidate further South or West or even in the North.
However, what made these Southern political moves important were the fact they were an attempt to be worker based and beyond the notions of ancient African kingdoms of self-esteem as political mobilizations.
But the Southern formation in search of attracting a mass mass and presence would collapses into constant sloganism and constant conferencing. While in the North our intellectual work has not been to examine this social contradiction of our impasse, but to research and show the glory of our ancient African kingdoms, which in itself was a political and social acquiesces in the real world of real and actual power.