Warning! Very shocking video clips revealing zionist criminality 

By Sami the BEDOUIN
  1. The “most moral army” in the world kicking an almost dead kid 
while another settler shouting at the dying Palestinian kid: “Die, son of a bitch, die!”
The settler shouts: “Die, son of a bitch, die,”and then asking the soldier, 

  1. “Do me a favour ! give him a bullet in the head” …. when the camera is out of sight, 
a shot is heard and the little kid is dead !!
2. Assassination in Jerusalem: This is how racism works at its best… provocation, 
humiliation and then assassination at point-blank range !!
3. On ( Oct.9th 15) an army of the zionist “Kfir unit” shot a Palestinian woman 
(in Affula colony near Nazareth) lying their usual lie that she attacked the soldiers. .. She was holding her sunglasses and begging them not to shot !! Israa A’abed, a mother of a little girl and an M.S student of Genetic Engineering From Nazareth, was attacked by both zionist soldiers and armed zionist “civilians” before she was shot six bullets without posing any threat to the public or the soldiers.
The usual lie that she attacked the soldiers with a knife … 
look at how they are hiding the evidence and probably tossing a 
knife in the place of the sunglasses.