Sunday, March 8, 2015

Selma, drool and the Stations of the Cross

Malik Sekou OSEI

Selma, Alabama-- March 7, 2015
I just sat through a sterile rousing speech. I guess my E-mails and text messages and phone calls that I received only illustrated that there is a large proportion of the African American population who can be entertained to death, as pragmatically keeping it “real.”

Here is a necessary reality check: 

President Obama had charming and warmhearted tidings in Selma, but his alleged people, the African American people, are among the most jailed and tortured people on the planet, under the Red, White and Blue of American democracy.

 As usual, I have heard folks rant and rave about the brilliant and inspirational oration given by President Barack Obama in Selma. That guy can sho flap his lips! Nonetheless, it is also imperative and central for Black people to look beyond words to see if those words are followed by certain and substantial action that has a real impact on their lives. Face it, Blacks continue to endure the kind of torture that has led observers to verify that America is arguably the most racist industrialized nation in the world.  It has been cited time and time again that when it comes to rates of economic inequality, educational inequality and inequality in the criminal justice system, whites live one reality and African Americans are living another.  In fact, I dare say that if white Americans were forced to endure the Black condition for just one month, they’d be marching in the streets and demanding that their leaders step down for blatant incompetence and severe social neglect.

The president spoke about the importance of protecting voting rights for African Americans, Drool. What good are voting rights when the ballot only offers candidate choices from only two parties, parties that are in word and deed perpetrators of Black suffering? At the same time, Democrats love to mesmerize Black people with the myth of political enfranchisement because, quite frankly, Black people uniformly vote to keep Democrats in office. This self-serving drool, and Obama served up a heaping helping in Alabama this weekend. 

But when it comes to dealing with issues that many Black people care about (devastating levels of Black unemployment, Black youth being murdered in the streets by law enforcement  and historically outrageous levels of  mass incarceration),  do you really think that a voting registration card could have saved the lives of  Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Sean Bell, Tamir Rice or the homeless young man in L.A. named Charlie "Africa" Robinet or Jessica Hernandez and others victims of the daily slaughter by police of people of color in America?

Will Obama, the theatrical re-incarnation and consummation of Martin Luther King, Jr. at the Edmund Pettus Bridge,  free a few thousand political prisoners who remain incarcerated due to the American “War On Drugs?” Will the drooling liberator of  2015 demand the release of scores of Black, Latino, Native and Asian people sent to dungeons in the last 40 years for their political resistance to white supremacy and capitalistic exploitation? Hell no! You can't get that from a drooler.

Does a procession and sermon sooth the daily suffering and 
address the political impotence of the poor?

Rather than applauding Obama's Roman Sophistry, Black people should appreciate that they have a number of objective social and political challenges that require the purgation of  sentimentality. Face it, despite all the humble prayers and wishes for salvation-through-Obama, Barack Obama, the negro now in charge, is not our friend. In fact, he is unapologetically hostile to the aspirations of Black people. Those aspirations are led by the demand for popular democracy and social equality, both anathemas to the people and system that Obama so passionately serves, though disguised in minstrel black face. Like the New Testament Stations of the Cross, Obama and his fellow Democratic Party parasites--Black and white--did no more than lead an ecclesiastical procession over the blood-soaked ground of the Black liberation movement in Selma, Alabama, stopping here and there to mumble pious platitudes and shed stage tears for the cameras. 

Now the 50th anniversary spectacle is over. Are you free?
History is on our side, but time is not…

Monday, March 2, 2015

More on H4P: Team Hypocrite?

By Anonymous Palestine

The drama continues...

Anonymous Palestine
It started in November when a Palestinian activist in the Humanity for Palestine Forum posted that what Palestinians needs is an armed resistance not coats. Right then the non-Palestinian chief admin for the forum Carol Gai threw him out and spread a rumor that he's a zionist “infiltrator” which the members didnt believe and defended him. But Forum members were not having it and Rayyan Adam was invited back into the H4P Forum.

Not long after, November 18th to be exact, another admin Lori Sloan went over the top accusing Rayyan of being a Zionist and working for Mossad. Well, as one can imagine that did not go over well. The whole conversation was made public and the chaos began.

The admin who made the accusation didnt apologise to Rayyan but the damage was done and the slandering machine went on while Rayyan was blocked from the forum and Rayyan living in the occupied West Bank felt the wrath of the accusation.

The Chief Admin of the main forum Carol Gai made several post that Rayyan Adam is a zionists and his blog “Sami the Bedouin” was not legitimate and would no longer be promoted to H4P members and was accused of being a zionist activist again.

Rayyan, or Sami the Bedouin, has been on FB longer than H4P, in fact four years longer and has built a wide range of supporters for Palestine through writing of his own life in his bloog. Many of these supporters have spoken with him and never questioned his authenticity and adored his blogs describing life under illegal zionist occupation including his own story in the zionist jails.

Shin Bet is the zionist regime's domestic torture and
political espionage service, Israel's FBI.

Numerous forum members along with other admins asked the head of H4P to issue a public apology and to state the Rayyan was not a Zionist. But the head of H4P, Peter Cohen refused and insisted that Rayyan Adam is a zionist infiltrator, trying to disfunction him and hence the real Palestinian activism.

So as time went by Rayyan being on the end of the social consequences of being called a Zionist was angered at the injustice and hypocrisy of “activists” for Palestine under the name Humanity for Palestine had caused him these problems. Others too were not happy about all that had happened.

Eventually in late December 2014 and after 3 months of slandering Rayyan secretly, Peter Cohen was compelled to apologize as Palestinian Anonymous had his Facebook chats and were going to make them public unless he did the right thing. And even then his apology was not an apology, it was just a trick from Peter to avoid confronting Rayyan and Anonymous Palestine. It would take forty comments by people to urge him to say that he was sorry on behalf of H4P for calling Rayyan a Zionist.

Just need to point out the problem in calling a Palestinian a Zionist, especially an occupied, tortured by Shin Bet and imprisoned Palestinian who has managed to rebuild his life, have a family and have gainful employment.

But the H4P slandering machine did not stop and went on secretly.

A core group of admins for H4P led by Carol Gai continued to mock Rayyan in secret groups they created for admins. They referred to him as “the one that cannot be named” and discussed if he was in the forum under alias Facebook names. There was no problem really with that, but the comments on these discussion posts continued the marginalization and denial of his legitimacy as a Palestinian. A number of admins were disgusted and began to record these conversations. One “admin” asked them to stop and they turned around and questioned her loyalty and demanded she explain her relationship with Rayyan.

But Team Hypocrite is exactly what it is, H4P, Hypocrites for Palestine. In fact they are The Real Housewives of H4P because of their constant gossiping and trashing of other admins and members. They have driven away or kicked out real Palestinian activists and good people who were there to do something for Palestine and demand justice for the occupied Palestinians.

During the preparation of the Shut Down AIPAC campaign they made too many problems and undid the project numerous times. They had Teresa Rossomando making unlimited comments and posts that made H4P look like fools. But Peter Cohen would not shut her down. Even when six admins determined that Teresa must leave the groups (she could stay in the Forum) because she would not stop, she would not address her concerns privately, they were overruled by Peter and Carol along withRina Idrus.

Team Humanity for Palestine also mocked a team member who was depressed and experiencing trauma from an act of violence months before, showing know humanity but antagonizing that person to extreme lengths. Another reason they are Team Hypocrite.

In addition to banning the real Palestinians activists like Rayyan and Nahida and slandering them as zionist agitators, H4P drove out Sloan first, then Schiff, then Santos, then Robinson, then Eisgrou, then Landers and they had nothing left to make the campaign a success. The three chief admins of H4P: Peter, drus, and  Gai had done nothing to facilitate the AIPAC campaign (look their wall activities to verify Feb20-28) and  they did not know anything about protesting, but they did know how to undermine it and make it a disaster. Actually they tried to abort the campaign.

But with all that said, from Schiff to Landers and all in between, they pulled together what they could to deliver on their promise of creating the online protests for Shut Down AIPAC and what does Peter Cohen do? He disconnects the website with all the campaign materials in Feb 27ht when he felt that the campaign is boosting. The website was eventually reinstated but the damage was done.

And even when Peter Cohen was called a Zionist and it showed up on Falastin News (which was stopped by Anonymous in favor of the shutownaipac campaign), the people of whose reputations of the lives he wrecked came to his aid and tried to turn the whole thing around while Idrus and Gai went around with Rossomando slandering the ex-H4P admin/members.

So two days into the campaign now, Team Hypocrite is still making it all about them with tweets to thousands “We support Palestine not slander” and long-winded posts on why they are protesting AIPAC “I am protesting AIPAC because I cannot stand to see Palestinians occupied.”

And when people were ignoring them they decided to stir more trouble by sharing private emails to people they knew who were easily angered to inflame things with the ex-team members trying to make the campaign a success.

So there is a moral to all this story, and it could even be a new proverb that could last for a long time:

When one who says they are an activist for Palestine but calls a Palestinian a Zionist, don’t be surprised in what they do next to undermine Palestine.

These three chief admins of H4P actually damaging the Palestinian cause and aiming at slandering the real activism of Palestine and empowering the yes-men activists.

We, Anonymous Palestine, highly suspect these three admins and want them out of the Palestinian activism. They have done much harm for the Palestinian activism and Palestine by stirring troubles for the real Palestinians and endangering their lives at the time they gave a bad idea for the international activists about Palestine.

In addition, they have played a negative role trying to abort the SHUTDOWNAIPAC campaign though we, Anonymous Palestine, have called upon them to put aside all the gossiping and slandering aside for the campaign.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

BEWARE H4P and the zionist "humanitarians!"


H4P and Me: The campaign of slander.

The zionist assassination policy started as early as the 1930s when the zionists did their first inventory of Palestinian intellectuals and leaders to be assassinated. This criminal activity still goes on, as hundreds of Palestinian leaders were assassinated in just a few months during the 2000 Second Intifada. It never stopped.

In tandem with the killings, the zionists nurtured and supported corrupt Palestinians to lead the Palestinians and aid the zionist project of occupying the whole of historic Palestine

There is not a single Jewish organization working for Palestine that is to be trusted.

H4P "Humanity For Palestine" [A Facebook Forum] is following the same  zionist campaign by slandering the real fighting Palestinians and nurturing the corrupt ones who are ready to cooperate with further colonization.

We Palestinians are not children to be led by zionist agents
Peter Cohen, a Brazilian Jew, created the H4P organization one year ago to lead Palestinian activism the way his zionist masters wanted it to go: to slander and alienate the real fighting Palestinians and nurture and support the corrupt ones who are running after AID DOLLARS. H4P is determined to turn the Palestinian people into beggars, dependant on the goodwill of a zionist charity.

Six months ago, the evidence on H4P began to surface. See the screenshot below...

Peter Cohen, the benevolent Jew, started octopus FB groups and forums to lead Palestinian activism the way he wants. In late September 2014, I was invited by an H4P member to join their "H4P forum" and, unknowingly, I obliged. As  a normal new member I started to post in defense of Palestine, referring to my own blog and my own jail experience. I was imprisoned in the Zionist jail for years! It seemed they were hostile to my contributions, They insisted that I post only material that promoted "peace and coexistence." Needless to say, I was summarily kicked out of the group and banned. I have no interest in satisfying Peter Cohen.

As I have lots of friends who are in their group, mayhem erupted. People demanded that I be brought back into the group. Since I was excluded, my friends threatened to leave the group. 

Cohen & Co. unsuccessfully tried to convince my friends that I was a zionist fraud. Eventually, I was asked to come back to ease the tensions there. I was out for four days during which the H4P admins tried different ways to personally contact me through Skype, phone or any other way. I refused to respond. Eventually, Peter Cohen sent me a zionist man called Howard Cohen and told me that Howard was a British "humanitarian" supporter of Palestine. That same evening, Howard Cohen reached me.

Howard told me that he's an Israeli living in the Negev (my homeland) and that he wanted to meet me in person in Jerusalem or through skype to verify who I am. I told him and I don’t trust zionists and I don’t meet them even if they are peaceful. How can an anti-zionist be an occupier living in my homeland and brag about being an anti-zionist. No way! It doesn't work that way.

Later on, Peter Cohen & Co. sent two other persons to skype with me: two sexy girls--one Australian and the other Dutch. I never trusted their creepy ways, as I have mastered the zionist assassination game.

After that, I was accepted shortly for a few days, probably to be studied carefully, and then soon I was kicked out again. The slandering process began by morally assassinating me. I was called names and cursed and even called as a "zionist" and even non-Arab. Who the hell do they think they are to decide who is a "good" Palestinian or not?

Look at this...Why would somebody write this?

The answer is simple: they were sent to sabotage the real Palestinians and create a new Palestinian activism that tails zionist propaganda. Led by Peter the Jew, they have done a great job in deactivating the real Palestinian activists and empowering the corrupt beggars.

I simply won't allow them to continue. I will expose them and fight them.

For THREE months I was slandered in their secret group and called dirty names. Different threads were initiated and edited and reedited to suit their slandering machine. One thread got over 100 comments initiated by their boss admin Carol Gai, the "humanist" Australian.
Not only me, but ALL the real Palestinian activists who have been blogging for years against the zionist occupation were attacked, slandered and kicked out of their "humanist" H4P.


I don’t reject the idea of having Jews among the Palestinian activism and even encourage that as there are some real great anti-zionist Jews. But should Palestinian activism be led by a Jew? Should it be led by a zionist Jew like Peter Cohen, who just got to know Palestine a year ago?

I won't let a Jew lead or corrupt our activism. WE, the Palestinians, are the ones to decide for our future and not a Brazilian Jew or any other supposed activist.

I will fight against the creepy "humanist" groups that try to make us dysfunctional and lackeys of zionism. For Palestine, I will give my life. I will never be a beggar for H4P "humanitarian" aid. For me, there can be no compromise.

If Peter Cohen, the Brazilian Jew, is a "humanist, then let him go and humanize his fellow rampaging zionists ... We were humans long before Peter Cohen even dreamed of Palestine a year ago!

I have been watching them, collecting their posts and comments slandering me and other real Palestinians freedom fighters.

Peter Cohen, Carol Gai and Rina Idrus will never have their way with the Palestinian movement. I promise you we will fight them.


Existentialist in the zionist Jail !!


interrogationOne day I was standing by the window gazing vacantly and smoking at the lunch break at work when a colleague came and stood by me without me noticing her. I was looking out blankly and she was probably looking at my look, or the way I looked. Then suddenly, she asked me in a decisive and assuring tone: “Are you existentialist, Sami?” I was shocked and startled by that direct and unexpected question, and I remembered the interrogation "parties" they had on me in jail.

What? Existentialist? What’s that? And I was really astonished not only from the question but from the questioning person whom I never thought she knew (and I was right) anything of Sartre or Fanon.
What? Existentialist? Why the hell I am always taken to be an –ist?
“You are communist, and we know that,” roared the interrogator suddenly (actually not one but three interrogators to complete the “party”) which is part of their job to surprise you with new dimensions that you have never heard of!!!
Frantz Fanon, MD
“What? Existentialist?” and I, realizing that she is not an interrogator, burst in a sudden hysteric laugh. “Why do you think that I am ‘existentialist?” I got the courage to ask in a defensive way as if facing a mean interrogator in a decisive moment of a session.

“No, but really just asking. I mean the way you think, the way you talk, they way you contemplate dreamingly,” she explained apologetically.

“Is all that existentialism in me?” I asked in a sarcastic but polite way. “I don’t know but just asking!!”..Why the hell you ask?" I thought feeling the blood dripping on my side cheek. 

“I am the one to ask here, son of a bitch!” shouted the interrogator while his two mates were watching angrily, as if echoing his tone. One of them seemed to be taking his initial training on me. He is such a little “academician,” probably studying my case as a “strong headed” person, or probably having a seminar of “crises management”…. I looked at him, at them actually, and took my final decision ("I am not going to talk, even after death.")

Existentialist!!! Communist!!! Atheist!!! Tribalist!! Why the hell you ask, you little ignorant lady. Does it matter for you if I am existentialist or f_ _k-ist?
So, I am existential-IST, sweet lady!!!!
“What does it mean to be existentialist, dear?” I asked her in a defensive retaliation for her unexpected, perplexing and torturing question.
“I don’t know exactly, but it means to believe that you exist,” she responded.
The hell, I do exist. I am still not driven crazy, I thought to myself. I do feel the blood dripping down the side of my face. Silence! Silence… silence is my only weapon in this battle. Patience!! Who in Satan's sake can be patient while a  “academician” is conducting his experiment on him, on his very body, very mind, on his ability to hold a sustainable coordination between his mind and body???!!! Can an existentialist do this?
“Get up, you dirty athe-IST!” And he was looking at me in a clear irritation. 

You mustn’t be irritated, dear interrogator. Irritation is the first step for failing, I thought to myself, and kept motionless and silent, and didn’t get up. He got up swiftly looking at his mates, he urging them to help him, and they all jumped to attention. 

Is it time for a new party, I thought to myself, still trying to hold silent and coherent.I loath this word coherent.
“I don’t know, but I am sure you can give me a full and coherent explanation,” said the lady, cunningly smiling while still looking that perplexing look of… of… don’t know but so sweet and submissive.

Oh sweet lady!! Why in heaven you come to irritate me? Why should I give a coherent explanation to everybody, including the Israeli interrogators?!!!
“Take his clothes off!” the chief interrogator ordered his mates. They jumped on me, but I kept completely silent, motionless. The academician angrily punched my head then retreated as if stung by a snake. 

“Oh, shit!! His dirty blood, this asshole!!” he spat. 

And he was “smeared” with my blood.
Oh!! So clean and soft academician, It’s awful to have blood-smeared hands.
 But it’s my dear blood.
The hell, I have to start writing!!!
And still the crazy question is anguishly waiting for a quenching answer…. Why the hell am I taken to be –ist all the time…. Why can't I just be a simple Bedouin who is dreaming to live a normal life in this very HOLY, PROMISED LAND of THE CHOSEN PEOPLE?