Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Bernie Sanders & the liberal zionist psychosis

Bernie Sanders wants to overthrow every aspect of US policy, he says with passion. But when it comes to supporting Palestinian human rights and abandoning pro-zionist militarism in the
Middle East, the self-proclaimed  "revolutionary" Social Dem becomes comically befuddled.
"On Tuesday, Bernie Sanders called for the U.S. to approach the Israel-Palestine conflict to be a 'level playing field.' Speaking after his surprising victory in the Michigan Democratic primary, Sanders asserted that there are people of goodwill in both 'Israel and the Arab communities' whom he would seek to bring together as president.

“ 'All I can tell you is I will make every single effort to bring rational people on both sides together, so that hopefully we can have a level playing field, the United States treating everybody in that region equally,' Sanders said."

This is, of course, some sly bullshit from Bernie Sanders. Muslims and Arabs in Michigan gave Sanders a fistful of votes that enabled him to top the openly Likudnik Hillary Clinton. He has now tossed them a dry bone in gratitude.

What can Sanders' "level playing field" mean in the absence of a US policy of removing $3+ billion per year in US taxpayer funding to the squatter colony in Palestine? What could it mean in the absence of a PUBLIC policy of politically and financially sanctioning the zionist regime for its ongoing violations of international law and UN Security Council Resolutions? Can de-possessed Palestinians, scattered and impoverished around the world by the zionists, count on Bernie Sanders to enforce their legal rights to return to their homes and reclaim their stolen properties? Certainly, Sanders cannot believe that we are stupid enough to consider the colonized Palestinians and the US-financed and armed zionists colonizers as two peas in the same pod, equally-endowed teams on a game court. Sanders' playing field can only be equilibrated by ending US support for Israel. Is Sanders suggesting this as his answer to resolving the "Israel-Palestine" conflict? Let's see. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.
This is the current US-financed and politically defended "PLAYING FIELD"
for Palestinians that Bernie Sanders seeks to level, he says.
But Sanders gives a stunning clue to his real intentions, maybe inadvertently, when he says that there are people of goodwill in "both Israel and the Arab communities" that he will bring into negotiations. Sanders lets his zionist cat out of the bag at that point. You see, even liberal zionists like Bernie, for racist ideological reasons, cannot admit that there is a Palestine or that there are Palestinians who live there. He could have more accurately reached out to Israelis and Palestinians after the defeat of Hillary Clinton. But Sanders actually can't even utter the words Palestine or Palestinians. For in the psychotic zionist cosmology, Non-Jewish (Europeans and wannabe Europeans) residents of occupied Palestine can only be "Arabs"--a hostile racial group--in short, Wild Indians, varmints, etc., in the wild west lexicon.This denial syndrome, common to ALL zionists, precludes any peaceful resolution of the anti-colonial struggle for Palestine because there is no Palestine and there are no Palestinians to lawfully lay claim to any national or human rights. To accept their existence negates the entire zionist nation-building myth and renders Israelis as existential non-entities. This is a cruel version of the Pauli exclusion principle, i.e., two electrons in an atom cannot occupy the same space at the same time. As such, one particle has to vacate the premises. Is Bernie Sanders willing to countenance the "Jew" supremacist State of Israel withering away to be replaced by a non-racial, secular, democratic social entity (to be properly named later) on the Palestinian landmass where all ethnic and religious/cultural sectors can live and thrive in peace? Naw,,,Sanders is afflicted with the liberal zionist psychosis. But let's see if he can be cured.