Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We don't have Obama's back or front...

Watch Obama's latest pitch to the homeboys and homebettes of America....

By Sekou OSEI
This can't be serious, I guess, if you don't stand for something, then you're fall for anything. I guess the Obama really doesn't care about Black people. I guess Black people are really just that uninformed and gullible. I guess we should be impressed by four years of nothing.
Perhaps, in his next ad geared for the African voting base, Pres. Buckwheat should play to so-called Black American stereotypes. The next cmpaign ad should point out that Obama can break-dance and he drinks red kool-aid out of a mayonnaise jar, and digs  ham sandwiches smeared with Miracle Whip. Hey? And ol' Buckwheat can't pass up a 40oz, right?

I guess he understands that he can't approach a Black voting base with intelligent information outside of Black so-called slang and perhaps he should (when talking to us) end all of his sentences with "Son" or "Dog".

Obama is convinced that Black America is too stupid or too mystified by a black face in a high place to see that not only did he never really promise anything to Black, Latino and working class people, but he has actually gone out of his way to exacerbate our misery.
 Let us look at his budget for fiscal year 2013. Proposed by the him, it is a thoroughly cynical exercise. He calls for hundreds of billions of dollars in social spending cuts, further devastating public services and the living standards of poor Black people and the rest of the %99 percent. The lyrical bullshit is combined with populist demogogy about taxing the rich, although "Buckwheat" knows full well that no such measures will pass either the Republican-controlled House of Representatives or the Democratic-controlled Senate.

"Buckwheat" will incorporate $1 trillion over ten years in cuts to domestic social spending already agreed on with congressional Republicans in last year’s negotiations over raising the federal debt ceiling. To these cuts will be added a total of $638 billion in social spending cuts.
We also have to deal with the fact that Buckwheat  signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) into law on New Year’s Eve under the cover of darkness. The bill provides  a more than massive $662 billion hand-out to the US war machine. The bill also guts our civil rights by authorizing the US military to seize individuals anywhere in the world and hold them in a military detention facility indefinitely, without a trial or any other legal recourse.

$662 billions could put a number of people back to work (you think?)
Congressional Democrats and Republicans ratified the NDAA in a series of House and Senate votes in November and December that beat back nearly all efforts to set limits to the presidential power to arrest and imprison without trial or charge. As Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said during the congressional debate, "the legislation defines the entire world to be part of the battlefield against Al Qaeda (and the rest of the %99 percent), including the territory of the United States itself, making every human being on the planet, including every American citizen, a potential prisoner of the American military."

We didn't need to elect a Black president for this kind of shit. Any garden variety fascist would do.

The NDAA effectively takes away the oldest democratic right-- habeas corpus-- which bars arbitrary imprisonment by requiring that the government to present evidence to a judge or court to justify taking a person into custody. It must be noted that this right was first asserted in England during the Middle Ages and finally established and codified in the course of the English Revolution of the 17th century, which shattered the arbitrary power of the monarchy and established the supremacy of parliament ...I could go on.


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