Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Facebook is zionist-occupied territory & don't you forget it!



The reasons were very revealing of how social media is also manipulated by zionists and their US Fifth Column. 

On late evening October 4, Facebook informed me that:

Someone reported your photo for containing nudity.
Report details
Oct 4
Someone reported your photo for containing nudity.

Our reply
Your photo was removed for violating Facebook's Community Standards.

This is the "nudity" that disturbed the censors at FB. I posted it in
a comment to a post on Donald Trump. The image, of course,
refers to Trump, THE ZIONIST CUNT.

Indeed, the image is provocative and a political stylization of female external genitalia ("nudity") but it pales before the millions of daily FB photo and video posts that are outright pornographic. FB definitely has no problem with them. It is not nudity that offended the FB censors but the political content of the nudity that enrages them. Who reported my visual comment? I will never know, but I suspect it is a paid zionist spy on PALESTINE LIVE, one of my groups.

But FB was not satisfied with erasing my little hairy fellow. They demanded that I remove two other posts directly from my timeline. Again, the content of my posts were political and directed at US Middle East policy and the zionist squatter regime in Palestine. I was informed that if I did not remove them, then my FB account would be cancelled.

This posts comes from a series of "ISIS COMMUNIQUES" I have produced over the past six months. They are, well, tongue-in-cheek comments on the collusion between the Obama regime and the Prophet Sheldon (as in Sheldon Adelson and AIPAC) and lunatic faux Muslim mercenaries. Obviously,  their mission is to destroy the infrastructure of Middle Eastern nations and render them balkanized cantons at the mercy of the US and its Israeli proxies.

Where is the "nudity" here? FB gave no reason for banning the image above.

Neither did they explain their demand that the obviously anti-zionist image post below be erased.

Maybe the equation of Bibi Netanyahu with the maniacal murderer
Bill Sykes from OLIVER TWIST was too hot for FB to handle. Or maybe,
in light of ongoing IOF-abetted settler lynch mob attacks on unarmed
Palestinians (especially children), the image of the helpless dog struck 

too close to home. In any event, this image had to go, insisted the FB police!

Political content, especially visual materials that attack corrupt US Middle East policy or effectively lambasts the zionist squatter regime in Palestine, are very vulnerable to being ratted out to the FB censors by paid agents who monitor FB and other social media platforms for "anti-Israel" material. The authors of this type of political content are singled out for harassment and outright banning. That makes FACEBOOK  zionist-occupied territory.


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