Saturday, February 7, 2015

Why y'all be hatin' on IGGY AZALEA?

What???!!! You mean "real niggaz" can't be imitated by whites? 

American stage culture arose from minstrelsy--i.e., whites posing as and lampooning Blacks. Minstrel shows became so popular and lucrative that Black artists took up the subject form themselves and excelled at it. The irony of US stage culture--politically and socially--is that it amounts to little more than the mass marketing of whites playing "real niggaz" who are then portrayed by Blacks aping white racist caricature of Blacks. Iggy Azalea is just a comic inversion of Blacks being "real niggaz," i.e., peddling socio-pathological self-parodies. She is absolutely "authentic" within the context of US cultural history and the institution of white supremacy. In the end, hip-hop/Rap is artistic bullshit in Bb and corporate-owned political false consciousness...Please let me school you here about the actual history of Black popular music in AMERIKKKA..

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