Saturday, June 13, 2015

A pig is a pig and that is that!

 By Sekou OSEI   

As we watch a Black Texas pool party and the police act like the police to terminate the illusion of citizenship and the rights of citizens. Where a young girl bather was slam on the ground by a local PIG and the PIG PULLED HIS GUN and sits on the girl's back. And he arrests and places a number of youth in cuffs on the ground. This incident will quickly dispel the illusion of citizen rights or citizen treatment by PIGS. Now we see the PIGS acting like PIGS without military weapons as they usually act.

     The question of democratic rights of Black people under a Black presidency, where a Black college graduate has less chance of employment as a white High school graduate or drop-out. While at the same time, we are seeing Black and Brown people taking to the streets after a 45 year hiatus in the struggle and protest against state sponsored uniformed terrorism in the streets, because the police are murdering Black people in the street. All of this under America's first Black president. And the fact now the eight year of flatulence of pomposity of an indicting sham of this rather "colored" presidency. Black people are being choked to death in the street and 12-year-old kids are being shot in a playground and Mike Brown being shot crossing the street and a host of others show how this is more than an indication of how pathetic this presidency is in relation to the democratic rights of Black people, and its lack of concern for the condition of Black people are more than obvious.   

The further racializing the civil functions of the "State" and more than explicit repression under a Black presidency where the illusion of citizenship is not even pretended to be real and is now out in the open through technology to where the media cannot ignore and the fascist character of American so-called democracy along racial lines that has been the historical character since its slave-mode-of-production and its primitive accumulation of capital and thus after the slave-mode-of-production, Black people have become the  reserved army of labor and thus are more open to state sanctioned repression and the prison industrial complex for "profits" as urban American becomes gentrified and suffers repression under a Black presidency and there is no consequence for state sanction murder of Black lives.

   Now, we see a Black president who doesn't see himself as the elected official as president that includes Black people but the father figure of Black people who lecture Black people about their hustling behavior and now there no more excuses. Not facing the fact that the economy has not and will not absorb the Black reserve army of labor that has a number of low skilled immigrants that white capital will accept as temporary labor. And the fact that Barack "Buckwheat" Obama actually believes we are doing better under his administration, where the Voting Right Act been drained of any meaning, Affirmative Action sullied into meaninglessness. The Obama administration's obvious collusion in annihilating historically Black colleges, and now all the regional offices of Minority Business Development Agencies has been closed down, Federal contracting to Black businesses has been the lowest and really non-existent and the Black and white wealth gap is the same as it been in 1964. And the fact that Obamacare will in the very near future with priced out of the reach of the unemployed and the underemployed and the fact that the Medicare exception has been denying most Black in most states, where Black people have access to the "program."  Public schools in the Black community are closing in a major swipe and being replaced by charter schools which are performing at the same dismal level of academic barbarism as public schools. While the underemployment has fallen every so slightly because unemployment numbers never talk about the people that has already fallen out of the economy. It never shows the labor participation pace has been going down since the last 12 years. And the fact 401Ks are only good for people that work most of the their adult lives without long periods of unemployment and Black people have had always high levels of unemployment .

    These are just a few of the condition that set the precedent for the condition of public repression of  Black people and the class ambivalence of the Black middle class that is even betraying the Black middle class by undermining the state sector. 

    Now the state doesn't even hide it racist repression from social media technology in trying to maintain violent control of a population that it doesn't recognize as having citizen rights or citizenship. 

     Mckinney, Texas is just the latest Polaroid snapshot of the racist nature of American democracy and the role of its "State." No matter what color the executive office holder is, because Barack "Buckwheat" Obama is a betrayer of all humanity in the service of white racist imperialism in relation to the world.

And now all people including Black people must face a "Reality Check."


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