Thursday, December 22, 2011

B-Movie Reflections 2011

By Comrade Sekou Osei

 America has become just another "B" movie, where people live in fantasy lands,        where all you have to do is disconnect from reality,
                  and just feel good,
      through positive thinking, where you don't need to read
                                   to understand life and living,
                                          where you just need nice pictures and imagery,
                      your life
                      doesn't need an
                   to gather a greater clarity.

      Now all the people need is the fake warmth of American exceptional feel good.
      persons never have achieved much of anything and thus they want you
             that they are exceptional people,
             because of the loquaciousness of their
                            empty altruism.
             Where accommodating selective amnesia is not selling out,
             but getting in your deeper spiritual self.
             For it's the most important thing that can change the world
                            and your conditions, by deeply meditating
                                              in the deepness of your navel
                            and achieving as some would argue "wisdom"
            Where life has become an old useless amusement park,
            where only words have any importance 
                                 as we smile
                                 at the old and peeling paint
                                 as we celebrate the colors
                                 and pretend that they are very
              As a people without power,
                 we are encouraged against interracial sex 
                     because we were forced here not to work
                         and make profits for white colonial capitalist,
                                         but to give sex.
             Thus we fall in love with a Black Concubine of Corporates Capital, thus
                      our children by them.
                      So they say.....
            thus that they only understand our relation to history,
            we have become the prudent adolescents, never to grow up.
            Where people understand kingdoms a thousand years ago,
            in reality before Black-was-Black,
            and we don't know or understand yesterday,
            where history is the celebration of non-existent memories
            and not the harsh practice of history for real power.

            Life has become a
                    colorful tea party of an African revolution
                           of the mind, and not much else.....
                                    But, never the "state."  
            Where, time is spent hours with old woman with terrible false teeth
            who smoke cheap cigarettes trying to convince them that they are
            African queens
            in another life, and pretend that we are educating
            them about this
           For it cannot be accepted that they just don't care, for they celebrated the
           pragmatism of a slave as they pass out tracts like dogmatic Christian Nigerians,
           whose pacifist moral grounding let them celebrate the brutal Black men in uniform,
           in Buffalo soldier platoons.

           Whose art and culture has declined to a point where they can
           only produce
                  "Soap-operas" over-done and over-acted
                    in Black face.
      Where we all become so proud of Black men elected to office, who just carry out
      The role of a corporate harlot, for white people of money,
       i.e., the children of former
                              slaves masters;
                                         "But he be articulate...."
      Where, Ebonee queens in colorful headdresses can only give you a Multi-level
      marketing scam to upward mobility. To be Cliff and Mutha Fukin Clair Hunstable in
      dashiki's with eight middle class kids.
                       Where they explain away the reality,
                               we all just need to be positive
      because we are polished and articulate, thus an African King of yesteryear.
      Thus, our crowd has only become culturally conscious entertainers,
      hoping to sell the CD.
      For the thing that we have come to achieve is our spiritual love
                   of the depth of our navel,
                       and we repeat the wisdom as if it's real, for the powers only give one
                       ticket to a "B" movie.

                               History is on our side, but not time.

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