Friday, December 23, 2011

Some Commie Christmas Reflections 2011...

I have worked like a mad dog for a month on a research project.
I expected to get paid for my labor today. Unfortunately, my
clients skipped town for the holidays. I will get my check, no
doubt, but I must wait until AFTER CHRISTMAS.

"Good grief! B-B-But I have been a good boy. I ate my broccoli and brushed my
teeth every day. Why am I being punished by St. Nicholas? It's not fair..."

I failed. I hate to fail.
Failure today looks like not being able to "celebrate"
Christmas in the appropriate manner. This is depressing to me now.

I missed the retailer-designated target of December 25th.
So, now I must suffer the social indignities that come with
blowing my lines in a kindergarten costume pageant.

Phuck this schitt!

My problem is that I have allowed alien class,
consumer fetishism to drive me to the brink of suicide.
Jingle Bells have made me forget who the hell I am.
I am a revolutionary intellectual!
And the emmen-effen enemy can stick that in its Christmas stocking!

Comrade William PLEASANT

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