Thursday, May 22, 2014


By Sekou OSEI

Dedicated to our contemporary Black journalistic concession:
Or  they observe nothing and celebrate everything.

Old African
 black man with characterful face Stock Photo - 9425796 

              As men
                            at once blue
                                                           the eyes of
lit match

           As we ride buses
                                     to be working

           As on point
                             of cowardly
                                  of image
           of righteous
           under the corporate
                                                 a “Buckwheat” democracy
                                                                                       the eyes of
            As NEGROS
                            drink their
            Dancing to


As huge Gorillas
                   snarl and growl
                                 outrageous teeth
                                                    beat their
                                                    Black leather
                   in a silent movies,
                                         that quickly becomes
                                                                                         switched on
                    only to
                                                                   of lets

            As centrists
                               teaching journalism
                               of celebration
                                                   of lets
                                                             Becoming soaked
                                                                                       the rain is not falling.
           As an East African
                                                 Blacks of the West,
                                                                          the need to sensationalize
                                                                                               Black trivia
                                                                                               As militancy.

Just Do it !

           While, the not so
           secret to be foretold
                                 the rationality
                                  of the psychopaths
                                                         in power,
           Of colorful Negros
           wearing a color
                     with their isolated
                                    the eyes

          So with the
                       grand fake gold earrings
                       over weight Black
                        of three hundred pounds of beads
                                 on their
                                                       to affect
                        the mirror shadows
                                   only to be seen
                                    as an empty
                                                       paper cup
                                          of Marcus Garvey
                 As this grand mammal
                 before the projector
                 As these centrists
                                 host stages
                      who argue
                                  the question
                                                   of race
                                                                   the fight
                       Who claim
                                          to fame
                                                            to be a forced concubine and harlot
                        to a Saudi princeling of US money
                                                                          a Pakistani restaurant called
                                                                          ISI to fight Moscow in Kabul.   

                       While the editors
                                                                       to celebrate,
                        through long hours
                                                  of multi-tasking
                                                  phone tag
                                                  and multi-tasking
                                                         head games
                                                         of empty
                      Whose media
                                has no role
                                of giving informred presence
                                for Black people are good for symbolic
                                                           FEEL GOOD
                                                           never to be informed
                                                           of how to wage their struggle.
                                 Because, they don't need to rock
                                                                            the boat
                                                                            of a
Barack Obama made numerous promises when he ran for president. He ...

          As history unplugged
                                this film projector
                                                  of this snarling gorilla.
         As Black mothers
                                  of Texas
         Become members
                                  of silent movies
                                        as state-run social services kidnapped their children
                                                with the silence
                                                                       of make-believe
                                                                       Black newspapers,
                            Who don't produce
                                                                 who  men
                                                                                once stared at once blue skies,
                                                                                looking for insight,
                               only to see the inadequate
                                                                           of pedophiles
                                                                           in sport showers
                                                                           of Pennsylvania,
                                       were wordless
                                                       about sportsmen
                                                                                           of the Bronx
                                                                                                    for months. 
                                For these celluloid gorillas
                                                                   lack the vision
                                                                                     of relevance
                                    who pretend to be journalists
                                    never understood that there was
                                    a duty to throw a light on
                                    the state of affairs of the people and their
                                    There is the plight of
                                                                          because their vision is plugged into a 
                                                                           projector of convenience.
                                                                           Because of their tie to machine
                                                                           of empty images,
                                                                                    they observe nothing
                                                                                     celebrate everything.

                  For image gorillas, its easy to pledge criticism,
                                                            but harder to be critical.
                                                            For these gorillas, only ask us to
                                                             but never to think.
                  Perhaps history will
                              show we must unplug
                                                    the projector to relevance.....

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