Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"Ebola??!! Baby, I hope I don't catch Moby Dick!"

By Sekou OSEI
and William PLEASANT

This is a time for some serious reflection on the American character and its social development and outlook.

Here is why. I've witnessed in several "revolutionary" Black political meetings:

Young people argue and fight about the greatness of Rick Ross versus the greatness of  B. I. G. 
People tell me that Barack Obama is a Black Nationalist Radical Muslim and that Jamaica is the name of the region called the Caribbean, and everyone from the Caribbean is actually called a Jamaican.

 Meanwhile, I have been told that World Wars 1 and 2 were tricks played by a secret Jewish conspiracy "of" and "for" world domination. 

A number of people argued that Africa is a "nation" and they, Africans, live among and had to protect their food from angry monkeys, thus the basis for the spread of Ebola.(???) Oh, just like Moby Dick is a form of STD, I guess?

A number of Black people couldn't tell me the years of the American Civil War. Did you know that Nelson Mandela was the biological brother of Martin Luther King? Yes, lawd! 

Likewise, the American revolution was to create the greatest democracy that ever existed, and slavery was a minor contradiction in the evolution of this great republic, a brother has recently told me, with a straight face and professorship at a name brand university.

Prof. Molefi Assante might insist: 
"But I is the authentic Afrikan niggest!"

I have seen Black people with advanced degrees cry and throw a pissy-fit and actually vomit over who lost American Idol, while they haven't found a job in 8 months. 

I have heard that the TV program "Scandal" is an inspiring role model for young Black girls. This only came from Black women in their 40's 50's 60's, of course. 

A number of people have insisted that before Jessie Jackson became famous he started his career as a professional wrestler--from TV to politics.

Egypt is not in Africa, but a part of the Middle East, you know. And Turkey is the place where Oscar-Meyer cold cuts began. 

In short, Americans, even members of the erstwhile educated stratum, are fucking stupid!

What we have in the US is the vulgar marriage of technological over-development and social under-development  encapsulated in the cult of FASHION and vectored like malaria by the corporate-owned infotainment industry. 

American youths are inculcated with the notion that actual life means nothing, thus words and concepts mean nothing. Everything is just "style" and style alone is the apex of social presence. In this wasteland of empty gestures and postures, the young wait like sheep for the slaughter.


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