Friday, October 17, 2014

For My Nubian Queens

This is for My Nubian Queens, for the socially redundant and mentally retarded and general Obama supporters who insist that mental retardation is integral to the creative process. And this is also for those who think that "Scandal" is the proud apex of confident Black entrepreneurship, epitomized by the image of  a colored belly warmer who can be more than a social role model because she screws the "president" while humping from the top. Moreover so, from watching "Blackish," My Nubian Queens understand the importance of colored multi-culturalism in Black-face, since all that negroes need to assimilate in americKKKa today  is the ritual significance of a Bar Mitzvah in order to move beyond "race."  

Coonery has triumphed for My Nubian Queens, as they tread the the ruins of a once great culture.

--Sekou OSEI

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