Sunday, March 1, 2015

BEWARE H4P and the zionist "humanitarians!"


H4P and Me: The campaign of slander.

The zionist assassination policy started as early as the 1930s when the zionists did their first inventory of Palestinian intellectuals and leaders to be assassinated. This criminal activity still goes on, as hundreds of Palestinian leaders were assassinated in just a few months during the 2000 Second Intifada. It never stopped.

In tandem with the killings, the zionists nurtured and supported corrupt Palestinians to lead the Palestinians and aid the zionist project of occupying the whole of historic Palestine

There is not a single Jewish organization working for Palestine that is to be trusted.

H4P "Humanity For Palestine" [A Facebook Forum] is following the same  zionist campaign by slandering the real fighting Palestinians and nurturing the corrupt ones who are ready to cooperate with further colonization.

We Palestinians are not children to be led by zionist agents
Peter Cohen, a Brazilian Jew, created the H4P organization one year ago to lead Palestinian activism the way his zionist masters wanted it to go: to slander and alienate the real fighting Palestinians and nurture and support the corrupt ones who are running after AID DOLLARS. H4P is determined to turn the Palestinian people into beggars, dependant on the goodwill of a zionist charity.

Six months ago, the evidence on H4P began to surface. See the screenshot below...

Peter Cohen, the benevolent Jew, started octopus FB groups and forums to lead Palestinian activism the way he wants. In late September 2014, I was invited by an H4P member to join their "H4P forum" and, unknowingly, I obliged. As  a normal new member I started to post in defense of Palestine, referring to my own blog and my own jail experience. I was imprisoned in the Zionist jail for years! It seemed they were hostile to my contributions, They insisted that I post only material that promoted "peace and coexistence." Needless to say, I was summarily kicked out of the group and banned. I have no interest in satisfying Peter Cohen.

As I have lots of friends who are in their group, mayhem erupted. People demanded that I be brought back into the group. Since I was excluded, my friends threatened to leave the group. 

Cohen & Co. unsuccessfully tried to convince my friends that I was a zionist fraud. Eventually, I was asked to come back to ease the tensions there. I was out for four days during which the H4P admins tried different ways to personally contact me through Skype, phone or any other way. I refused to respond. Eventually, Peter Cohen sent me a zionist man called Howard Cohen and told me that Howard was a British "humanitarian" supporter of Palestine. That same evening, Howard Cohen reached me.

Howard told me that he's an Israeli living in the Negev (my homeland) and that he wanted to meet me in person in Jerusalem or through skype to verify who I am. I told him and I don’t trust zionists and I don’t meet them even if they are peaceful. How can an anti-zionist be an occupier living in my homeland and brag about being an anti-zionist. No way! It doesn't work that way.

Later on, Peter Cohen & Co. sent two other persons to skype with me: two sexy girls--one Australian and the other Dutch. I never trusted their creepy ways, as I have mastered the zionist assassination game.

After that, I was accepted shortly for a few days, probably to be studied carefully, and then soon I was kicked out again. The slandering process began by morally assassinating me. I was called names and cursed and even called as a "zionist" and even non-Arab. Who the hell do they think they are to decide who is a "good" Palestinian or not?

Look at this...Why would somebody write this?

The answer is simple: they were sent to sabotage the real Palestinians and create a new Palestinian activism that tails zionist propaganda. Led by Peter the Jew, they have done a great job in deactivating the real Palestinian activists and empowering the corrupt beggars.

I simply won't allow them to continue. I will expose them and fight them.

For THREE months I was slandered in their secret group and called dirty names. Different threads were initiated and edited and reedited to suit their slandering machine. One thread got over 100 comments initiated by their boss admin Carol Gai, the "humanist" Australian.
Not only me, but ALL the real Palestinian activists who have been blogging for years against the zionist occupation were attacked, slandered and kicked out of their "humanist" H4P.


I don’t reject the idea of having Jews among the Palestinian activism and even encourage that as there are some real great anti-zionist Jews. But should Palestinian activism be led by a Jew? Should it be led by a zionist Jew like Peter Cohen, who just got to know Palestine a year ago?

I won't let a Jew lead or corrupt our activism. WE, the Palestinians, are the ones to decide for our future and not a Brazilian Jew or any other supposed activist.

I will fight against the creepy "humanist" groups that try to make us dysfunctional and lackeys of zionism. For Palestine, I will give my life. I will never be a beggar for H4P "humanitarian" aid. For me, there can be no compromise.

If Peter Cohen, the Brazilian Jew, is a "humanist, then let him go and humanize his fellow rampaging zionists ... We were humans long before Peter Cohen even dreamed of Palestine a year ago!

I have been watching them, collecting their posts and comments slandering me and other real Palestinians freedom fighters.

Peter Cohen, Carol Gai and Rina Idrus will never have their way with the Palestinian movement. I promise you we will fight them.


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