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More on H4P: Team Hypocrite?

By Anonymous Palestine

The drama continues...

Anonymous Palestine
It started in November when a Palestinian activist in the Humanity for Palestine Forum posted that what Palestinians needs is an armed resistance not coats. Right then the non-Palestinian chief admin for the forum Carol Gai threw him out and spread a rumor that he's a zionist “infiltrator” which the members didnt believe and defended him. But Forum members were not having it and Rayyan Adam was invited back into the H4P Forum.

Not long after, November 18th to be exact, another admin Lori Sloan went over the top accusing Rayyan of being a Zionist and working for Mossad. Well, as one can imagine that did not go over well. The whole conversation was made public and the chaos began.

The admin who made the accusation didnt apologise to Rayyan but the damage was done and the slandering machine went on while Rayyan was blocked from the forum and Rayyan living in the occupied West Bank felt the wrath of the accusation.

The Chief Admin of the main forum Carol Gai made several post that Rayyan Adam is a zionists and his blog “Sami the Bedouin” was not legitimate and would no longer be promoted to H4P members and was accused of being a zionist activist again.

Rayyan, or Sami the Bedouin, has been on FB longer than H4P, in fact four years longer and has built a wide range of supporters for Palestine through writing of his own life in his bloog. Many of these supporters have spoken with him and never questioned his authenticity and adored his blogs describing life under illegal zionist occupation including his own story in the zionist jails.

Shin Bet is the zionist regime's domestic torture and
political espionage service, Israel's FBI.

Numerous forum members along with other admins asked the head of H4P to issue a public apology and to state the Rayyan was not a Zionist. But the head of H4P, Peter Cohen refused and insisted that Rayyan Adam is a zionist infiltrator, trying to disfunction him and hence the real Palestinian activism.

So as time went by Rayyan being on the end of the social consequences of being called a Zionist was angered at the injustice and hypocrisy of “activists” for Palestine under the name Humanity for Palestine had caused him these problems. Others too were not happy about all that had happened.

Eventually in late December 2014 and after 3 months of slandering Rayyan secretly, Peter Cohen was compelled to apologize as Palestinian Anonymous had his Facebook chats and were going to make them public unless he did the right thing. And even then his apology was not an apology, it was just a trick from Peter to avoid confronting Rayyan and Anonymous Palestine. It would take forty comments by people to urge him to say that he was sorry on behalf of H4P for calling Rayyan a Zionist.

Just need to point out the problem in calling a Palestinian a Zionist, especially an occupied, tortured by Shin Bet and imprisoned Palestinian who has managed to rebuild his life, have a family and have gainful employment.

But the H4P slandering machine did not stop and went on secretly.

A core group of admins for H4P led by Carol Gai continued to mock Rayyan in secret groups they created for admins. They referred to him as “the one that cannot be named” and discussed if he was in the forum under alias Facebook names. There was no problem really with that, but the comments on these discussion posts continued the marginalization and denial of his legitimacy as a Palestinian. A number of admins were disgusted and began to record these conversations. One “admin” asked them to stop and they turned around and questioned her loyalty and demanded she explain her relationship with Rayyan.

But Team Hypocrite is exactly what it is, H4P, Hypocrites for Palestine. In fact they are The Real Housewives of H4P because of their constant gossiping and trashing of other admins and members. They have driven away or kicked out real Palestinian activists and good people who were there to do something for Palestine and demand justice for the occupied Palestinians.

During the preparation of the Shut Down AIPAC campaign they made too many problems and undid the project numerous times. They had Teresa Rossomando making unlimited comments and posts that made H4P look like fools. But Peter Cohen would not shut her down. Even when six admins determined that Teresa must leave the groups (she could stay in the Forum) because she would not stop, she would not address her concerns privately, they were overruled by Peter and Carol along withRina Idrus.

Team Humanity for Palestine also mocked a team member who was depressed and experiencing trauma from an act of violence months before, showing know humanity but antagonizing that person to extreme lengths. Another reason they are Team Hypocrite.

In addition to banning the real Palestinians activists like Rayyan and Nahida and slandering them as zionist agitators, H4P drove out Sloan first, then Schiff, then Santos, then Robinson, then Eisgrou, then Landers and they had nothing left to make the campaign a success. The three chief admins of H4P: Peter, drus, and  Gai had done nothing to facilitate the AIPAC campaign (look their wall activities to verify Feb20-28) and  they did not know anything about protesting, but they did know how to undermine it and make it a disaster. Actually they tried to abort the campaign.

But with all that said, from Schiff to Landers and all in between, they pulled together what they could to deliver on their promise of creating the online protests for Shut Down AIPAC and what does Peter Cohen do? He disconnects the website with all the campaign materials in Feb 27ht when he felt that the campaign is boosting. The website was eventually reinstated but the damage was done.

And even when Peter Cohen was called a Zionist and it showed up on Falastin News (which was stopped by Anonymous in favor of the shutownaipac campaign), the people of whose reputations of the lives he wrecked came to his aid and tried to turn the whole thing around while Idrus and Gai went around with Rossomando slandering the ex-H4P admin/members.

So two days into the campaign now, Team Hypocrite is still making it all about them with tweets to thousands “We support Palestine not slander” and long-winded posts on why they are protesting AIPAC “I am protesting AIPAC because I cannot stand to see Palestinians occupied.”

And when people were ignoring them they decided to stir more trouble by sharing private emails to people they knew who were easily angered to inflame things with the ex-team members trying to make the campaign a success.

So there is a moral to all this story, and it could even be a new proverb that could last for a long time:

When one who says they are an activist for Palestine but calls a Palestinian a Zionist, don’t be surprised in what they do next to undermine Palestine.

These three chief admins of H4P actually damaging the Palestinian cause and aiming at slandering the real activism of Palestine and empowering the yes-men activists.

We, Anonymous Palestine, highly suspect these three admins and want them out of the Palestinian activism. They have done much harm for the Palestinian activism and Palestine by stirring troubles for the real Palestinians and endangering their lives at the time they gave a bad idea for the international activists about Palestine.

In addition, they have played a negative role trying to abort the SHUTDOWNAIPAC campaign though we, Anonymous Palestine, have called upon them to put aside all the gossiping and slandering aside for the campaign.

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