Wednesday, November 23, 2011

OWS: The dance from tragedy to farce

Here is the emerging character of the "New American Democracy" under Obama: 
The State simply engages in wholesale armed assault on citizens who even stand in the vicinity of non-violent protests. This military repression is now an equal opportunity policy. Thusly, middle class white students find themselves biting the rubber bullets usually reserved for "the Negroes of the world."

This is NOT a replay of the 1960s, hippie nostalgia aside. Obama is riding shotgun on a categorical shift in the tactics the ruling stratum will use to hold onto its privilege. Again, repeat after me: BARACK OBAMA IS NOT YOUR FRIEND NOR YOUR SAVIOR  (Black or otherwise).

Don't believe that? Then the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

The escalating brutalization of  US protesters is occuring under an erstwhile left-leaning and  Black president. How is Obama trying to stop the urban paramilitary assaults? How is Obama simply ignoring the lawlessness? The farce that Marx speaks of is the stuttering and stammering highjinks of the US palace Left , as it avoids answering the questions above and stating the obvious.

Comrade Sekou OSEI

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  1. Great work. History creates amazing and effective images to ponder. Well done.