Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The UNESCO fiasco or Obama, Sarkozy and the price of love...


LIBERATOR WROTE ON Nov. 4--The US hegemony over the UN system has been substantially weakened by the Palestinians, who will undoubtedly use the leverage of UNESCO admission to win official recognition from other UN bodies and agencies. The US has relied on its muscle to dictate global polices. That influence is waning now. What happens when US can't get its way with the International Telecommunication Union which allocates radio spectrum usage globally, "including the spectrum reserved for military and commercial use?" The World Health Organization is clearly important to the US for pumping money into the pocket of US-based pharmaceutical monopolies. The World Meteorological Organization? The World Intellectual Property Organization?...

Well, we hit the nail on the head. The US anti-Palestinian vote at UNESCO will cost the US people plenty. Painted into a corner by pro-zionist domestic political corruption, Obama has to do damage control.

AFP reports today that Obama let the cat out of the bag and confirmed our assessment in an unguarded 3-minute private conversation with French President Sarkozy while attending the Cannes G-20 Summit on Thursday. He forgot that the microphones were on, so they say...

"I didn't appreciate your way of presenting things over the Palestinian membership of UNESCO [Oct. 31]. It weakened us. You should have consulted us, but that is now behind us."

As a result of the globally repudiated attack on the Palestinians bid to join UNESCO, Washington is compelled to halt its funding for UNESCO under a 1990s law that prohibits the US from giving money to any UN body that grants membership to groups that do not have full, legal statehood. In fact, the measure was greased through the US congress as a specifically anti-Palestinian ploy.

On Thursday, Obama told Sarkozy that he was worried about the impact if Washington had to pull funding from other U.N. bodies such as the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organisation and the IAEA nuclear watchdog if the Palestinians gained membership there. Of course, his fears had zero to do with the human impact of defunding these vital global agencies and everything to do with infuriating the corporations that financially benefit from US hegemony over the UN system.

But the real threat was always that the Palestinians could, given their admission to UNESCO, also apply for membership in the International Criminal Court (ICC) system. In short, the settler regime in Tel Aviv could be brought up on global human rights charges for its well-documented daily atrocities committed against the Palestinians.

"You have to pass the message along to the Palestinians that they must stop this immediately," Obama reportedly urged his French henchman, as the media slyly listened in.

"I can't look at him [Netanyahu] anymore, he's a liar." (Arret Sur Images reported)

"You've had enough of him, but I have to deal with him every day."

These quotes were confirmed by Reuters.

Without a doubt, Obama's response to Sarkozy's stated aversion to the Israeli leader implies that he also detests Natanyahu. But he cannot seemingly take the luxury of uttering his true feelings, even in whispers. Obama has to "deal with him every day," after all.

Truth of the matter is that Barack Obama does not have to deal with Benny-boy Netanyahu every day, nor the Israelis in general. But he is compelled to kow-tow to the pro-zionist kleptocracy in Washington, DC around-the-clock. This is an election year, so the big bribes are on the table. Needless to say, the presidential candidate who drools and grovels best before the "special relationship" gets to snatch the cash.

So, did Pres. Buckwheat's loose lips sink his chances for copping the pro-Israel campaign treasure chest? Not hardly. The OBAMA/SARKOZY slip of tongues last week was no accident. The two homeboys actually employ platoons of well-paid flunkies to assure that not one unsanitized breath is released to the cognitively challenged mainstream media. It was rather an open telegraph to zionists in the US who will now scream that Obama must eat his words and proclaim his love for Benjamin Natanyahu (Israel's neo-fascist Likud block), or pay the consequences. The operative term here is PAY. But our beloved LITTLE RASCAL just made clear on Thursday that the price of his sell-out-for-Israel minstrel act has gone up.


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