Friday, November 4, 2011

Snow White is just a 'ho in a seven-way gangbang...


Hello Comrades:
These are a few things we should consider in relation to Khadafi, Libya and Africa in general. There are a lot of inconsistencies in radical nationalism. No "revolution" or "radical" force is "pure" like herbal tea on an afternoon break.
While Khadafi may not have advocated Marxism or scientific socialism (his GREEN BOOK amounted to little more than a mash of Rousseau, Bedouin anarchism and the ethics of pro wrestling), his demise opened the door to a new stage in the re-colonization of Africa.
 We all are now  forced to appreciate and struggle with that as "revolutionist."
We live in the shit of monopoly capitalism. Its putrification permeates the globe. The reforms that we see in Libya today should not be rapturously celebrated nor politically dismissed. Khadafi stood in the path of the "TIMELESS WILL" of the Libyan people to be free. At this juncture, he stood on the wrong side of history. Such mis-steps can, unfortunately, prove fatal.
We, as world changers, must give our support to the direction that ANY society is going where the proletariat has an opportunity to sharpen its consciousness and garner class-in-itself benefit. The working class will lose time and again until it wins.
This is not some bullshit romantic maxim. It is the essence of dialectical revolutionary theory and practice. The Libyan people are angry, armed and in the streets. They are making social demands now. Pres. Buckwheat, Bozo Sarkozy and Reacharound Cameron cannot put that genie back in the bottle, no matter which neo-colonial stooge or Islamist nit-wit they hand the portfolio to.

Class contradictions can ONLY escalate in both frequency and magnitude.
Unfortunately a lot of comrades live in the world of abstract, pure theory. They wander from demonstration to lecture in search of a pristine revolutionary Snow White. Well, listen, Snow White is just an OD'd chick who shacks-up with seven tempermental, petit-bourgeois moralists.
Many of you have read our criticisms of the Islamic "socialism" espoused in  the Green Book, and the Libyan policy changes after Lockerbee, Chastising Khadafi for riding Tony Blair 's jock and his 'coonish performance as chair of the African Union was lawful. Many of you agreed with us. But we cannot applaud LA MORT DE KHADAFI, especially when it is an operational tactic in the process of re-enslaving the African working class.
For history is on our side, but, not time.
The rebellion of the slaves shall be the war of the landscapes!
--Comrades Malik Sekou OSEI / William PLEASANT

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